Conder Token Look Up (Very early Prototype)
This form is intended to help when researching a conder by identifying which tokens have on them the search words entered and submitted in the form below, and pointing you to the page in the 1996 D&H where you can see these tokens. It has a long way to go before it is particularly useful ... right now there is only information from about 60 tokens, starting from Bedfordshire DH1 (page 1 of 1996 DH), loaded in the database. I'll be adding more as time goes by and am hoping someone may be interested in helping with data entry. Any suggestions you may have are very welcome ... email me at

The form will start a search for matches on all words that you enter ... best bet is to pick a few prominent words from both sides of the token and maybe one edge word ... don't include punctuation.
Enter Search Text from Token Obv/Rev below:

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